Crab Crush (large format)

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Welcome to Crab Crush, book 5 in the Crush Series. The story is bursting with fun and twists and turns that children will derive hours of pleasure from reading it and learning about the characters. It’s also an excellent and interactive way to learn about the different sea animals and how they live. All the characters are assigned human qualities which brings humour to the story and Silke’s vibrant and enticing illustrations will keep children fully engaged from beginning to end.

Parents and their children will fall in love and jump with joy at the characters and all the splashes of pink and other colours of these beautiful animals that are so charmingly illustrated. The delightful characters, with eyes blazing all enter the story and cause yet another hilarious crush where everyone survives to live another day!

The size of the book is 21 x 24,5 cm. Crab Crush will be also available in large format

You can enjoy reading Crab Crush with additional materials, very soon: Crab Crush song and downloadable colouring sheets!


This vibrant story presents life under the sea in Asia and introduces us to creatures and a fisherman who rely on the sea for their food. We follow a shark looking for a tasty meal, a fish eyeing up a crab for lunch, and a crab who is hoping to catch a snail. It’s a story full of colourful creatures and funny coincidences. The book is engaging from beginning to end where there is an exciting yet surprising Crush.

The size of the book is 21 × 24,5 cm. Crab Crush is also available in travel edition.

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